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"Dream Fountain Pen" survey

Just running the survey for one week, we have already received a lot of answers from you and we got to know many different dream fountain pens.

In case you have not shared with us about your dream fountain pen, please let us know here.

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According to the result, let us share with you two interesting points about the dream fountain pen.

- Body material: Ebonite. As expected, we received a lot of responses choosing Ebonite as the most favorite material for pen body.

- Filling mechanism: Piston filler and Cartridge/Converter. While Japanese customers favor cartridge and converter, piston filler seems to be more popular in other countries.


What are we making?

We have planned to make our fountain pen for years. And after receiving more than 1000 responses after only one week, we are so happy realizing that we are almost on the right way to make this fountain pen same as your dream one.

This is the material of our fountain pen, can you guess what is this?

This is the material of our fountain pen, can you guess what is this?


Everything is still on the way and we do need a lot of ideas from you to make it really become your dream fountain pen. Your experiences are the most precious resources to make a good fountain pen. Without your advice we absolutely cannot bring the dream fountain pen to life.

Your answers to these questions will be surely our motivation to make this pen a better one.