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“Our success is, firstly, determined by the happiness of our employees. We never forget that.”

                                                              Taizo Okagaki

                                                             Wancher President

We do not only make amazing products. We also build successful careers.

The development of Wancher brand is marked by the growth of every single employee. We believe in our people, their ability and potential.

The enjoyment of our people is the key for our performance. We are proud to present our company culture and environment which are designated to bring the best convenience to our international staff. Together, we are simply making a difference.

We are honored to give chances, although it is sometimes quite limited, to anyone who is interested in being a part of our team. We also welcome interns and part-timers.

If you would like to see your career evolve or are seeking your ideal first job, then please continue reading to find out whether Wancher is the company for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

So, the only question is: Do you want to join us?


  • We, Wancher team, are people from different backgrounds who are sharing the common goals and visions.
  • We all want to have a successful career while we never forget to enjoy our life as each day is precious.
  • A Japan-based company with more than 25 percent of employees are foreigners and customers from more than 100 countries all over the world* (currently 116 countries, as of January 1st 2016)
  • Coming from different countries (Japan, America, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, India, etc.), we all know what we want to do and what we can do the best. And while reaching common goals, we support each other in the team with career development.


We truly care about “what is the best for our people?”. Along with the development of Wancher and its people, this list is refined and added more. Join us and let us know what you care!

  • Wancher’s success depends on the development of every single employee. And our culture is made by our people.
  • We at Wancher love to build an active and healthy working environment where each person is proud of what they are doing.
  • We emphasize on flexibility and equality at work.
  • We strive to build our open culture where each of us is aware of our role and loves to contribute to make it better. Whichever the language you prefer to use, we make sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas during work and meetings.
  • Our division of work encourages interaction between teams. And each member plays an important part of the workflow. No free rider. And no one is more important than others.
  • When we hire people, we look at ability and determination over experience.
  • People at Wancher make Wancher the kind of company it is and change it day by day. At Wancher, what we want to see every day is the motivation of our people.


Together we are looking at common goals. Each of us knows what we need to do and what we can achieve. While we are getting smarter and more experienced, we broaden our views. More and more opportunities can be seen and help us find more of what we want to do.

Here’s a glimpse of what we do, which is close.

  • We create the products that we hope will bring passion, unique experience and perfect satisfaction to every single customer from all over the world.
  • Our Mission: “To help people realize what they have always needed and provide them with the best quality and prices. We never stop caring about the satisfaction of our customers as well as everybody at Wancher”
    We never stop looking for more creative ideas to make innovated products which impress our customers the first time they see. Maki-e lacquer fountain pen body collection and Gurkha 30° degree watch series are examples of innovated masterpieces with features which have been demanded for years but never have been made real.
  • Our Vision: “The world, with our contribution, is going to be a world without borders between countries, cultures, races and religions.”
    We amaze the world with unique products which are combinations of exceptional features of different cultures and arts. We believe in the existing of various hidden art forms which have not been discovered or might have been underestimated, even in the countries where they were born. WANCHER welcomes and cherishes arts, techniques as well as technologies from around the globe. And we are honored to present them to all over the world. We believe you may feel surprisingly proud when you see your own country’s characteristics in our products.


“Founded in Japan, however, we do not follow a traditional Japanese company-culture. We are proud of our open culture which makes both Japanese and international staff feel so comfortable”

Makiho Okada, Japanese Market Sales & Marketing Associate

“At Wancher, there are plenty of work and opportunities for young people like us to study, experience and become a better person.
Talk to us if you are interested in becoming a part of the team.”

Ben Addisajjana, Inventory Planning Coordinator

“Language and experience has never been a barrier for us in selecting young talents. Just come to us with your determination and motivation”

Tony Vu, International Market Executive


We appreciate your interest in our company. As well as applying for vacant positions, you can also apply under your own initiative. 

Our employees are part of a global family working in a fair, open and trusted environment. It is important for us to ensure that new employees joining Wancher have a strong commitment to our shared values.

We therefore reserve the right to ask all candidates in the final stages of the recruitment process to undergo a pre-employment screening to verify the information given in the application. Our approach to pre-employment screening is based on the principles of transparency and mutual respect, and it is conducted in line with all applicable regulations.


You are going to become a part of the Wancher family. We would like to make sure that our selection benefits you and all other members in Wancher team.

Ensure that your CV lists only important, qualifications-relevant information in table form.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your personal details (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address)
  • Objective: your career objective and how it matches the position for that you are applying
  • Summary (resume profile or career summary): A summary about yourself and your career/experience
  • Highlight: the skills and/or accomplishments that you believe will fit the position
  • The complete data on your education and career history in bullet points
  • Enclosures: the documents relating to your education and career history. For some certain positions, record of marks may be required in the case of new recruits

For further information regarding vacant positions, please feel free to contact us at

We would be very happy to send you our recruiting brochure.