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Wenn Sie neu bei Kickstarter sind, sind dies Schritte, um ein Produkt auf Kickstarter zu verpfänden (oder zu kaufen):


Schritt 1: Überprüfen Sie die obige Belohnungstabelle und wählen Sie eine Belohnung aus
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All of the reviews bellow are honest opinions from trusted and experienced fountain pen bloggers. NO compensation in any form has been given to our reviewers.
It is simply that we share the same interest of one thing. Fountain pen. You also love fountain pen, don't you?

Albert and Nick from Luxevulpennen: “The Wancher Dream Fountain Pen writes excellent. We have a pen with a Jowo nib from Germany. You will not hear any complaints about these nib from us.”

Ana from The Well-Appointed Desk: “If you've never held an urushi pen in your hand before, the Wancher True Urushi fountain pen is a wonderful specimen of urushi work. It is priced to be within the reach of most fountain pen collectors (I think) for what it is.”

Azizah and Stephen from Gourmet Pens and Sbrebrown: “If you’re a fan of minimal designs in a pen, this pen might attract your attention. I absolutely love the shape and the glowing color.”

Brad from Pen Addict: “What Wancher is trying to do with this project is to bring back the artistry around urushi pens. As with many once in demand skills and trades, the demand for labor and time intensive tasks has shrunk in our modern world. Anything we can do to help continue these valuable traditions I’m all for supporting.”

David from Figboot on Pens (Youtube): "I like the way it looks, and I like the way it performs."

Dries from The Pencil Case Blog: "If you want to get into urushi pens but don't feel like dropping big $$$ for it, The Dream Pen might very well be the way to go! I sincerely can't say enough positive things about it, if Wancher can make their promises true and deliver a product as good as the prototype I have in my hands right now, this can become a game changer for the Urushi fountain pen industry... especially if they can keep those prices low."

Ed from Edjelley: "I have to admit, Wancher pens weren't really on my radar before. They definitely are now. I think the pen that they've released is an excellent example of a urushi pen that's well made, comfortable to write with, and beautiful to look at and hold."

Joe from The Gentleman Stationer: "The construction and the build on the Dream Pen are high-quality. The spring-loaded cap was a surprise, and creates a very secure closure. I could not locate a single flaw in the Urushi finish. The pen feels great in the hand and is very well-balanced."

Maybelline from On Fountain Pens: “This is my first urushi pen and I really love how light and smooth it is. As a “dream pen”, I feel it is quite fitting to the name, as it fulfils my dream of having an urushi pen for myself!.”

Mike from The Clicky Post: "Wancher set out to create a beautiful urushi pen that was more reasonably priced and I would say they've succeeded in doing so if the fit and finish of the production models are anything like the prototype."

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