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Dream Pen was launched as a Kickstarter project from 2018 Jan 25th to 2018 March 1st.
We successfully raised ¥32,746,309 with 745 backers.


A true Ebonite fountain pen with Japanese traditional arts.

We choose the finest Ebonite in Japan to make the Dream Pen a true Ebonite fountain pen from top to bottom, including small parts as such as feed, housing, and screw threads.


The fountain pen is applied with several renowned Japanese traditional arts such as Urushi, Tamenuri and Maki-e. These techniques have a history dating back to around 9000 years ago.

Now we bring back to you the history with Dream Pen - The First Collection. Please feel free to choose the model you like from selections below: True Maki-e (Sakura), True Urushi (Black, Red and Blue), True Ebonite (Black).



True Maki-e - Sakura Cherry Blossom



True Urushi - Black



True Urushi - Blue



True Urushi - Red



True Urushi - Tame Red (Aka Tame)



True Ebonite - Black