Hyakumi symbolizes the utmost simplicity in style. No drawing, no painting and no engraving, just only Kiri wood and that is enough to make this pen case beautifully stand out.

We are lost in the complexity of the developed world but what follows that complexity is the simplicity. Yes, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We could only achieve this simplicity after a long and sophisticated process of designing and crafting.


With Hyakumi, we focus mostly on the quality to make sure you can protect your pens in the best condition. This is called fountain pen essential since your pen collection cannot be cherished without a good pen case.

Achieving is hard but protecting what we have achieved is even harder. It requires not only effort but also love and passion. How much do you love your pen collection? How would you protect it? This might be one of the answers you are looking for.


Hyakumi Collection