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Our Mission

"To help people realize what they have always needed and provide them with the best quality and prices. We never stop caring about the satisfaction of our customers as well as everybody at Wancher."

We never stop looking for more creative ideas to make innovated products which impress our customers the first time they see. Maki-e lacquer fountain pen body collection and Gurkha 30° degree watch series are examples of innovated masterpieces with features which have been demanded for years but never have been made real.

Our Vision

"The world, with our contribution, is going to be a world without borders between countries, cultures, races and religions.”
We amaze the world with unique products which are combinations of exceptional features of different cultures and arts. We believe in the existing of various hidden art forms which have not been discovered or might have been underestimated, even in the countries where they were born. WANCHER welcomes and cherishes arts, techniques as well as technologies from around the globe. And we are honored to present them to all over the world. We believe you may feel surprisingly proud when you see your own country’s characteristics in our products.


Following the excellent Japanese bowing-customer-service before and after sales, we ensure the most up-to-date Japanese high quality standard and strive to deliver the best experience to our customers.

Culture & Arts

Wancher's culture welcomes and cherishes various arts from around the globe. To us, no country or culture is better than others. Our products are manufactured by the collaboration between processes and factories in many countries.


Let us sum up about our people with a quote by John Lennon.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”


Our success connects closely to the use of innovation.

Everyone at Wancher has the right to and is encouraged to “never stop thinking and looking for a better idea”.

If you think you have made the best product in the market, it’s just because you couldn’t think of anything better.

Company Social Responsibility

Wancher has always been aware of its responsibility in promoting arts and culture in many forms, from handmade crafts to rare materials, to people around the globe.

We commit to deliver the highest quality of products while preserving original traditional values. In order to bring the best experience to our customers, we have set an international standard of both visible and invisible values for all of our products.

For many years since our foundation, we have been working with Japanese government in order to promote an equal and healthy working environment. Believing in potentials of people, we have created jobs for plenty of seniors, single moms as well as people with disability.

We at Wancher know that we, together. are making the world a better place.