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We call this an art as making this special pen body is a long and challenging process which might take even years. The idea was from our Silk Road adventure in 2000. We found out one of the most beautiful maki-e arts we had ever seen and couldn't give it up though it would take a long way to bring this ancient art to our products.

The maki-e looks incredibly real right from outside. It's no longer a drawing of lacquer onto the pen but it is the applying of many maki-e layers which gives you the utmost feeling of a 3D drawing.


Raden Mother of Pearl, Cigar Red and Goldfish are chosen as main patterns for Silk Road fountain pen bodies. The beauty can be seen from any angle of the pen as it was drawn evenly around the barrel and cap. We believe that a beautiful pen can inspire your writing and it can't be happier to bring you a beautiful pen.


The fountain pen body was originally made from ebonite which we found in India, the land of high quality ebony wood. A layer of urushi lacquer is polished before applying maki-e on. After that the artist will draw maki-e patterns onto pen body and wait for it to dry for around 3-5 months then the last layer of urushi lacquer is applied to give the pen the best glossy finish.

Art is hard to to make, that's why we call it art and that's why it priceless!


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