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Reminiscence of the history

Hexabesco brings back the spirit of the Taishō period (大正時代, Taishō jidai) in Japan around 100 years ago. Hexabesco showcases the beauty of precious moment in history when Japan experienced new cultures from Western. At this time, Japanese art witness a huge change by the growing mixed cultures from other countries. This became the main inspiration for our Hexabesco ballpoint pen. The beautiful Japanese goldfish engraving is combined with the hexagonal 6-angled shape, creating a breath-taking final look for this high-end ballpoint pen.



Goldfish was used as the main spirit of this Ukiyo-e art. As one of the symbols of Japanese culture, Goldfish reflects the Japanese's passion for perfection especially in the field of art. Using this image, the Hexabesco collection also shows the perfection of aesthetics and elegance right from the appearance of the pen. Writing with Hexabesco will make you feel like experiencing the real Japanese culture in hand.


Ukiyo-e (浮世絵)

Using Ukiyo-e (浮世絵) art, Hexabesco features a floating world of goldfish in the water. Back then in 17th century, Ukiyo-e was a boom in Japanese art and all the Ukiyo-e artworks have been great masterpieces through time.


Hexabesco Design

This is the combination of a hexagonal shape and the Arabesque design. The innovative hexagonal shape together with the Arabesque styles makes this a stunning piece of art, not just a normal ballpoint pen. Hexabesco remind us of the Western architectures in the early 20th century which is still such a mysterious charm until today.


Hand-engraved patterns

Even though the production takes time but it's worth since hand-made products can stand out from the machine-made ones. The goldfish pattern needs to be carefully carved by hands to create these beautiful tiny details. On a hexagonal shape, these curves cannot be created without manual work and it makes us really appreciate the final result


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