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The journey has been made through many countries and places, where we found the most interesting and inspiring arts as well as techniques which might have been forgotten for years. Though it was a hard time finding the art, it is  all worthy afterwards because Wancher can now bring you this unique masterpiece which can rarely be made in only one place. Discover more about our journey here.




The magnificent ebonite body polished with a very special urushi maki-e technique from the ancient Silk Road - Silk Road Maki-e fountain pen body. This breathtaking piece of art presents one of the most ancient and precious arts which might have not been discovered yet - the Silk Road lacquer and maki-e. With this collection, we are here again to discover the undiscovered beauty from every corner of the world.





Original Indian Ebonite Body

The fountain pen body was made of ebonite, one of the most wanted material used for fountain pens. Ebony wood makes the pen durable, scientifically stable and magnificent regardless of time, or outer effects.


Maki-e Hand-painting


Last two steps of this process is maki-e painting and applying last urushi layer. As hard as applying lacquer, maki-e painting also requires a lot of effort and details to create the most beautiful artwork.


Silk Road Urushi Lacquer

The ebonite body is carefully polished with lacquer, which takes up to months.

Step 1: Sal extraction: the sal from the tree has to be taken out in order to make the lacquer.

Step 2: Sal seed formation: the sal gums are then converted into the seeds forms and then into the fin granules in order to match with the paint and mix with it to apply on the surface of the pen.

Step 3: Applying of the lacquer: 3 layers of lacquers are carefully applied by artists who have have been making this for years.

Step 4: Drying of the lacquer: it takes up to 2-3 months for the urushi to get dry without using any machine.





Finishing feature: Cigar Red Maki-e

Barrel: Ebonite Urushi Lacquer Maki-e

Grip: Ebonite Urushi Lacquer Black

Cap: Ebonite Urushi Lacquer Maki-e

Cap mechanism: Screw


Diameter: 20 mm / 0.79 inches (ring)

Length: 154 mm / 6.06 inches (cap closed), 136 mm / 5.35 inches (cap posted)

Weight: 32.8 g / 1.16 oz approx.


Collection: Silk Road Maki-e

Warranty: 1 Year

Designed & Assembled in Japan

Gift Box: Yes (the box design may change at anytime without notice)





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