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Crystal Light Smoke Topaz Fountain Pen
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Can your pen bring to you the support that you need? Here, we introduce our very first demonstrator fountain pen collection - Crystal, bringing to you and supporting you with its powerful energies and meaningful messages. With Crystal, you see yourself, your goal and your desire there. The collection is inspired from the beauty of crystals, hence the name “Crystal”. Crystals are beautiful and unique due to their color variations and also how they are formed.
What is special about crystal are the stories lying under their shade. Crystals convey different stories about power, health, wealth, future and energy. Legends and myths of crystals’ meanings have been passed down through ages. Our fountain pen is clear and transparent as it is called and the color of crystal of each pen represents different aspects of joy in our life. Wancher Crystal collection comes in 5 different vibrant crystal colors.




Double Compact Mechanism

You do not write everyday? The ink dries out (clogs) and you cannot use your pen when you need it?

With Crystal fountain pen, you have NO MORE WORRIES about ink clog (dried-out ink) as the fountain pen is double sealed with:

・ Compact inner cap mechanism

・ Compact rubber grip section ring

Your Crystal fountain pen always stays ready when you need it.


Light Smoke Topaz

Success and Fortune.
Light Smoke Topaz also represents peace, love and fruitful relationships. The spiritual energy of Topaz carries to its owner hope and health.

Crystal Eye Dropper 1.jpg

The Ultimimate Transparency

A transparent pen needs to be truly transparent. We really put much huge effort into making Crystal fountain pen's transparent body reach the best transparency of a real crystal. You cannot find such a transparency on any other pen.

Enjoy the maximum transparency with eye dropper mechanism. Just fill ink directly to the fountain pen body without using any converter or cartridge.

Super Ink Capacity

No more worries about out-of-ink problems with ink capacity of 10 times larger than normal converters

Beside standard ink refill system as cartridge and converter, Crystal fountain pen brings to you one more special option: Eye Dropper.

・Huge reservoir of ink with eye dropper mechanism: 4 ml (more than 10 times of normal converter size)

・Easy to clean

・Enjoy the amazing transparency of Crystal body with different ink colors





Finishing feature: The Ultimate Transparency

Barrel: Transparent Acrylic & Light Smoke Topaz White Mosaic

Grip: Light Smoke Topaz White Mosaic

Cap: Black Acrylic & Light Smoke Topaz White Mosaic

Cap mechanism: Screw

Trim / Clip: Chrome plated


Refill mechanism: Eye Dropper, Converter or Cartridge (European International Standard)

Attached accessories: Eye Dropper, Converter and Cartridge attached

Available refills: Wancher refills or European International Standard refills

Pre-installed Ink color: Black


Writing feature: Double Compact (prevention of dried-out ink or ink clog)

Nib: Stainless Steel

Nib / Tip size: Fine, Medium



Diameter: 13.2 mm / 0.52 inches (ring)

Length: 152 mm / 5.98 inches (cap closed), 172 mm / 6.77 inches (cap posted)

Weight: 23 g / 0.91 oz approx.


Collection: Crystal

Warranty: 1 Year

Designed & Assembled in Japan

Gift Box: Yes (the box design may change at anytime without notice)





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